We are encouraging active and informed participation of Voters in the ensuing elections through our activities:
1) We have a dedicated website titled Indian Vote Festival ( for this.
2) This website will has Pledge to Vote, Voter Helpline, Photos, Videos, Media Mention (about our voter awareness activities) …..
3) We are using all electronic, print and social media (facebook, twitter, Youtube, whatsapp etc…) to make the people aware about the importance of vote and their participation in election.
4) We plan to organize Longest Marathon Chess Event in District Mandi (H.P.) from 4th April 2019 to 6th April 2019
5) We are making mass publicity through print/electronic and social media in which we are including voter awareness messages as per material provided by election authorities, in addition to our own material and resources
6) At the time of exhibition of the Longest Marathon Chess Event, we plan to exhibit Banners, Charts & Posters distinctly for Voter Awareness at the venue…
7) During this chess event, we will regularly spread voter awareness messages through announcements at venue, flashing & placing messages on our website, sending media releases to newspapers, TVs channels and news websites.
8) We will also share video updates on Youtube. In addition, we will send updates regarding chess marathon to our subscribers on other social media (facebook, twitter, youtube, whatsapp etc) in which we will incorporate voter awareness messages.
9) After the event is over, we will keep on encouraging the public till the last poll day (i.e. 19.5.2019), through media and other activities for their active and informed participation as voters in the ensuing elections
We encourage active and informed participation in Indian Vote Festival
We do not support or oppose candidates in election or take a stand for or against any political party.

Marathon Chess World Record Attempt

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